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This is why your prospects tune out on discovery calls.

Have these items ready at all times...


Discovery calls are a critical component of the sales process, but keeping a prospect engaged throughout the conversation is often challenging. The key to maintaining their interest lies in being well-prepared. By having essential information at your fingertips, you can ensure the call flows smoothly and remains focused on addressing the prospect's specific needs and concerns.

The Pitch Effective preparation for discovery calls can dramatically enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome. It's not just about having information ready; it's about being able to present that information in a way that resonates with the prospect and demonstrates clear value. According to a report by CSO Insights, sales representatives who are well-prepared for their calls are 57% more likely to establish a successful sales executive relationship.

30 Second Elevator Pitch: Your elevator pitch should be a concise yet comprehensive description of what your company does, specifically tailored in the language that resonates with your prospect. This quick summary should clarify your company’s role and its relevance to the prospect’s needs, setting the stage for a deeper engagement.

Qualifying Questions: Keep a list of essential qualifying questions to help determine if there's a good fit between what the prospect needs and what you offer. These questions should be direct yet thoughtful, ensuring that both parties can benefit from continuing the conversation.

Discovery Questions: It’s crucial to delve into the prospect's current challenges and their vision for the future. Discovery questions should uncover deep insights about their situation, helping you understand how best to serve them with your solutions.

Products/Services: Maintain a succinct description of each product or service you offer, detailing what problems they solve and the outcomes your clients can expect. This information should be readily accessible and clearly communicated to keep the prospect informed about possible solutions to their problems.

Case Stories: Prepare two or three brief case stories that illustrate how you’ve successfully helped other customers. Highlight the problems those customers faced, the solutions you provided, and the beneficial outcomes they enjoyed. These stories can be powerful in showcasing the real-world value of your offerings.

So What? Being prepared with these key elements not only keeps the conversation engaging but also builds credibility and trust. It shows the prospect that you value their time and are serious about addressing their needs. This level of preparation and personalization can significantly increase the chances of moving the relationship forward.

Next Steps ✅ Review and update your elevator pitch to ensure clarity and relevance. ✅ Refine your list of qualifying and discovery questions. ✅ Update your product/service descriptions and case stories for quick reference.

Closed Won! Proper preparation for discovery calls is crucial for keeping prospects engaged and moving deals forward. What strategies do you use to keep your prospects engaged during discovery calls? What else are you trying that is helping level up your reps and make you the Sales Leader you wanted to work for? Leave a comment or question below, let's help move those deals to "Closed Won!"

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