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Look Forward Not Backward: Measuring the Right Things

In sales, focusing on forward-looking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial for proactive management and future success. These KPIs, such as new deals added, meetings set and ran, proposals sent, and the number and value of deals in the pipeline, provide insights into future opportunities and potential revenue. Consistently reviewing these metrics ensures a forward-focused approach, enabling sales teams to anticipate and prepare for upcoming challenges and opportunities. Here's what I mean:

The Pitch
To drive sales success, it's essential to measure KPIs that provide a forward-looking perspective:

  1. New Deals Added: Tracking the number of new deals added to the pipeline gives an indication of future revenue potential and sales activity.
  2. Meetings Set: The number of meetings set with potential clients is a leading indicator of engagement and interest.
  3. Meetings Ran: Monitoring the meetings actually conducted provides insights into the effectiveness of your engagement strategy.
  4. Proposals Sent: The number of proposals sent is a direct indicator of potential deals moving towards closure.
  5. # and $ in the Pipeline: Keeping track of both the number and the dollar value of deals in the pipeline helps forecast future revenue and understand the health of the sales funnel.

So What?
By focusing on these forward-looking KPIs, sales managers can gain a better understanding of the team's future performance and potential challenges. This approach allows for proactive management, ensuring that the team is always working towards the next opportunity and not just relying on past successes.

Next Steps
✅ Regularly review and analyze these forward-looking KPIs.
✅ Use the insights gained to adjust strategies and focus areas.
✅ Train your team to understand the importance of these metrics and how they contribute to them.
✅ Balance the focus on forward-looking KPIs with an understanding of past performance for a comprehensive view.

Closed Won!
Forward-looking KPIs are essential for a proactive and successful sales strategy. What other metrics do you track to ensure a forward-focused approach in your sales team? Share your strategies and insights on how you measure and anticipate future sales performance.

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