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Give this a try. Role Play Discovery Calls With Your Team.

Role-playing discovery calls within your sales team can be a powerful training tool. It transforms theoretical knowledge into practical skills, making actual client interactions smoother and more effective. This exercise is particularly beneficial as it simulates real-life scenarios, allowing reps to practice and refine their techniques in a supportive environment.


The Pitch 

Implementing regular role-play sessions for discovery calls is akin to athletes training before a game. It not only prepares reps for the variety of situations they may encounter but also helps in building confidence and improving overall performance. According to a study by the Corporate Executive Board, teams that engage in active role-playing are 17% more likely to achieve their sales quotas.

Guidelines for the Exercise:

  1. Don't Overthink It, But Do Plan It: Preparation is key. Provide your team with advance notice and clear objectives for each role-play session to ensure they come prepared and focused.
  2. State the Focus Area of the Exercise: Each session should have a specific focus, whether it's perfecting the introductory part of the call, setting the agenda, or handling objections. This helps reps develop skills in various aspects of the discovery process.
  3. No Breaking Character Until the Call is Done: Treat the role-play as a real call. This rule helps maintain the seriousness and professionalism that would be required in an actual client interaction.
  4. Solicit Feedback: After each role-play, discuss as a group what went well and what could be even better. This collective feedback is invaluable for learning and continuous improvement.
  5. Switch Roles: Allow reps to experience both sides of the call. This not only keeps the exercise engaging but also provides them with a better understanding of the customer's perspective.
  6. Make This a Weekly Ritual: Consistency is crucial. Regular practice helps reinforce skills and ensures continuous development.

So What? Role-playing is a critical exercise for any sales team striving for excellence in discovery calls. It provides a safe space for reps to experiment with different strategies and receive constructive feedback, which is essential for their growth and effectiveness in real situations.

Next Steps

✅ Schedule the first role-play session with a clear focus area.
✅ Prepare scenarios that reflect common challenges in discovery calls.
✅ Encourage open and constructive feedback during the review sessions.

Closed Won!
Regular role-play of discovery calls can significantly enhance your team's performance and confidence. What else have you done to improve your team's discovery skills? Share your experiences and let's learn from each other to create high-performing sales teams. What are some other techniques you've tried? Leave a comment or question below, let's help move those deals to "Closed Won!"

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