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"Your Company's growth potential is directly linked to the success of your Sales Managers.”

- Steve Levitt

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What I Do...

Sales Consulting

Nothing happens until someone sells something. B2B buyers show up with 60% of the sales cycle done. It's your job to make sure the team is ready. We will build/refine your Sales Management process to get the best out of your team and drive growth.

Leadership Coaching

Good process relies on people to ensure it's followed. Investing in your sales managers helps them, helps your team, and helps you grow faster. My coaching program transforms your Sales Mangers into Sales Leaders we all wanted as a manager, and we all want to work with now.


Talent plays a key role in sales teams. Partnering with 4D Executive Search, a leading name in recruitment, you have have access to top-tier recruiting services. Integrating Recruiting with Consulting and Coaching, you build your team faster and get to the results you want faster.

Why Work With Me?

Leading a sales organization can be rewarding and difficult. 

Challenges exist around Goals, Accounts, Unique Selling Propositions, Hiring, Playbook, Scripts, and Managing. There is no step-by-step guide to customizing these things for you and your company. Everything must come together to drive results. Your Managers and Reps need help.

The good news is, I have been through all these challenges and more, and am are here to help you.

I provide Sales Management Consulting services for CEO’s and Sales Managers in a customized, hands-on way. No fluff or theoretical advice. Just real-world strategies that help your business on day one. I provide hands-on, customized solutions to your business.  No templates or theoretical advice, just real-world process that has been battle-tested.  

If you are serious about making change in your organization, lets connect and see how I can help. 

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Steve Levitt - A Career Devoted to Sales Management

Steve Levitt, faced a big challenge. Leading his B2B sales team, he felt overwhelmed. Everywhere he looked, he found basic tips on sales training or scripts for cold calls. But nothing seemed tailored just for Sales Leaders like him. Many times, Steve had to learn the hard way, trying different strategies, making errors, and then finding what truly worked. But as his companies grew, a thought kept nagging him: surely, other sales leaders faced the same issues. Feeling inspired, Steve took a bold step. Leaving his Chief Revenue Officer role, he embarked on his mission to help 10,000 Sales Managers and Executives. He provides a unique blueprint that offers a clear picture of what you need to have in place to see into the performance of your team and know how and when to help them.

"Steve changed the trajectory of our business. He merge 10 brands, sales teams, processes, comp plans, and pricing models into one cohesive org. He also coached our leaders to run their teams better. If you want someone honest, and experienced to set you up for serious growth, Steve's your guy."

Chelsea R. - CRO

"I appreciate your experience, knowledge, and help in growing my skills personally, and as an executive. I have achieved better interactions, better outcomes, and more engagement with my peers and my team as a result of our work together. Thank you."

Matt E. - VP, Sales

"It has been a gift to work with you. I have sincerely appreciated your coaching/mentorship, as have so many at our company.  I trust the firms and people you work with in the future will feel the same way. In short: You are wonderful and I hope we get to work together again"

Tara C. - Director, Marketing & Sales

"Working with you was one of the best experiences I've had in my career. You helped me level up, believe in myself, and gave me positive feedback. Your reinforcement of the process and concepts was so impactful. For the first time in years, I enjoyed having someone coach me."

Brendan H. - VP, Sales